High Energy Team-building Cajon

Workshops to Bring Your Staff Together

You've heard the saying that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? It's true. A break helps you come back to work with more verve and a greater sense of well-being.

We have the perfect offer - our rhythm-making workshops are fun, interactive, and creativity enhancing. Trained facilitators will incorporate ice-breakers and team-building elements with fresh content. For your convenience, we can conduct workshops in your offices. You also have the option of using the facilities at *SCAPE. Our team takes care of the set up, so you don't have to worry about it. 

Companies and schools trust us to provide a unique and engaging experience for their staff. People emerge from the workshop discovering more about each other, and form a unique bond through music-making.

No. of Pax: Minimum of 10

Duration: 2 hours or more

Frequency: Once-off or multiple sessions

Location: In-house or off-site

Team Building Cajon Workshop


Play Rhythms from Around the World!

Learn how the humble cajon is able to produce music from around the world! Participants will discover how easy it is to play rhythms in different styles, genres and tempos. Regardless of age, musical talent or ability, we guarantee that your staff will enjoy the fun time together!


Forge New Friendships!

The interactive music-making experience is bound to create new bonds between your staff. Amidst the fun and laughter, don't surprised that your staff develop new friendships and discover more about each other!

By injecting team-building elements in cajon playing, we guarantee that your team will be refreshed and ready to spur each other on!


Perform as a Team!

Never performed on stage before? Don't fret! By the end of the team-building workshop, participants will be ready to showcase their newfound talent to one another. Your team will be excited to unleash their musical abilities and bring out the rhythm in them!

Your staff will learn to speak up, engage one another, express themselves more confidently, and work effectively in a team!


Companies and Organisations Trust Us to Create Unique Experiences for Their Staff.


What Will My Staff Gain From the

Team-building Cajon Workshop?


Improved Communication Skills


Greater Productivity


Innovation & Creativity


Teamwork & Cooperation

Team-building Cajon Workshop Programme


Participants will dive into history, usage, and origin of the cajon. Through hands-on and cooperative learning, you will discover the evolution of the cajon through history, and the types of cajons being played today.


Learning to play music may be a daunting task for some, but not for long! With just a few simple exercises, participants will discover the musical talent within them, and be able to groove along to popular music! Rhythms will start simple, and become more advanced, giving a sense of accomplishment for participants.

  • Hearing and responding to rhythm patterns
  • Call-and-answer and cooperative cajon-playing
  • Playing along with popular music

Unleash Your Creativity

Participants will pick up popular rhythm patterns that are common in modern songs. The rhythms are exciting and upbeat, and make for a comfortable and uplifting atmosphere for playing with fellow staff. Participants will also be facilitated on how to create new rhythm patterns, and showcase these new rhythms to the others!

  • Showmanship and performance
  • Playing rhythms from different genres and eras
  • Creating your own rhythm patterns
  • Jazzing up your rhythms with cajon fills
  • Choreography and coordination

Performance and Showcase

Participants will be taught a showpiece to perform at the end of the session. By combining rhythms and elements of body movement and showmanship, participants will work together and put up a performance incorporating all that they have learnt. Participants can also learn to identify each other's strengths and assign roles based on their competencies.

  • Working together toward a common goal
  • Identifying strengths and maximizing team strengths
  • Improving stage confidence and stage presence
  • Showcasing a cajon performance

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