BOX'OUT - Singapore's largest Cajon Festival - is our annual public musical event that celebrates music, rhythm and life. We bring music to the public, add heart to it by energising and empowering participants to pay-it-forward to beneficiaries with physical and mental disabilities, the elderly, and youth at risk.

Through each BOX'OUT, we were able to:


Expand audience's connections

We connect people of all walks of life, whether young or old, in meaningful friendships through rhythm-making.

Foster volunteerism

We inculcate the value of volunteerism, raise its profile and make it desirable among young people.

Promote local talents

We provide a new platform for relatively undiscovered local talents, regardless of their age and background.

Grow public appreciation for Cajons

We see learning the Cajon as a means to achieve positive goals such as self-confidence, team-building, and volunteerism, so we share these benefits and joy of rhythm-making to our BOX'OUT audience.